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Used Kangaroo Golf Carts
Are an Excellent Value

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Kangaroo Motorcaddies Resale Value

Used Kangaroo golf carts are often available in the market. Indeed many happy Kangaroo Owners first acquired a motorcaddie by buying a used motorcaddie. The advantage is less up-front investment.

Used Motorcaddies

Because Kangaroo has been in business more than three decades, there are used Kangaroo golf carts widely available. The company presently offers spare parts on the Cadet model, its Hillcrest models, and the Model 5 which recently was introduced.

Li’l Joey and Kangaroo Deluxe models

The factory has certain parts for the Kangaroo Li’l Joey and for the Kangaroo Deluxe models, which have not been manufactured for over a decade. To determine what parts are available, the purchaser of a used Li’l Joey (sometimes spelled Lil Joey or L’il Joey) or Deluxe should call Kangaroo’s technical service department at (828) 894-8241 extension 223, Monday — Friday 8— 5 Eastern Time. The Columbus, North Carolina factory will advise consumers as to available parts and prices. Owners Manuals are also available on-line at

Hillcrest models

The original (regular) Hillcrest appeared in 1987, and all spare parts are available though some of these parts are used or reconditioned. The Hillcrest AB with AutoBrake appeared as an option several years later, and the Regular Hillcrest was discontinued. The AB has different wheels and a different gear train, but most parts are interchangeable between the Hillcrest models.

Model 5

This durable model was introduced in 2005, and like the Hillcrest has a five-year warranty. A used Model 5 by Kangaroo can be a particularly attractive used Kangaroo Motorcaddie purchase in the resale market. Many of its parts are identical to the Hillcrests.

Kangaroo Cadet

This model was introduced in 1992, as a lighter weight, lower-cost Kangaroo alternative. It has a two-year warranty. It is not as durable as Hillcrest or Model 5, and is considered far less desirable among purchasers of used Kangaroo golf carts.

Where to Find a Used Kangaroo

Check the bulletin board of your golf course, for ads by Owners who can no longer use their Kangaroo motorcaddies. Ebay also has frequent offers of used Kangaroo golf carts. The Kangaroo factory in North Carolina offers used and reconditioned motorcaddies. Phone toll-free 800-438-3011 extension 228 to check availability Mon. — Fri. 8— 5.

Used Kangaroos

The used models available from the web site are not on the company’s web site but e-mail addresses of its personnel are available by visiting the site and seeing them at “Meet the Staff.”

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