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More Than a Remote Control Golf Cart

A Radio Control Motorcaddie Could be Right for You

“More than a remote control golf cart” is what people are saying who use Kangaroo’s Hillcrest with CaddieCommand radio control. It’s an electric self-propelled golf bag carrier that has been enjoyed by golfers since 1991, when the North Carolina company brought out their patented front-wheel steering system. Their Hillcrest motorcaddie has been manufactured since 1987, and together they give serious golfers the ultimate remote control golf cart.

A radio-controlled motor caddy (also called a radio-control motorcaddie) is a three-wheel machine that enables the golfer to walk behind, and leave behind all the cares and worries of carrying or pulling a golf bag around the course. A Remote Control Golf Cart isn’t for riding, it’s for getting the healthy exercise of walking. Today the Kangaroo Radio Control is enjoyed by thousands of golfers, from as far away as Japan and Sweden, to as close to Kangaroo’s North Carolina factory as the nearby Tryon Country Club. Wherever they play, hilly courses or flat tracks, the Owner of a radio control electric walking caddie will find it’s a great investment in better golf.

Kangaroo Offers CaddieCommand Remote Controlled Freedom

Various brands are available in the market. Only the Kangaroo remote control golf cart uses its system for steering the machine. Its front wheel mechanism turns to control the path of travel. Both drive wheels of the Hillcrest motorcaddie continue to operate, unlike competitors’ remote control mechanism which shuts off one wheel to execute a turn. Kangaroo’s Caddie Command exclusive design has the radio signal tell the front wheel system to turn right, left, start or stop. And its self-centering mechanism works beautifully to get the golfer going straight again. When there’s no radio signal to the cart, the automatic self-centering sends the motorcaddie straight down the fairway! To learn more, see to learn more about this fine product.

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