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Electric Walking Golf Cart
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Kangaroo Electric Walking Cart Is Top of the Line

Around 1970 as caddie programs faded away in many parts of the United States, and riding cars for golf became more and more common, Mr. William Ganskopp of Tryon, North Carolina invented the first practical self-propelled golf bag carrier, sometimes called an electric walking golf cart. His first unit was gas-powered with a little Briggs & Stratton engine, but after two years of development his Gan-Ed electric walking cart for golfers appeared in 1972.

Electric Walking Golf Carts

The original Gan-Ed product was called a “Pull-U” cart, but soon it was renamed the “Kangaroo Katty” because Mr. Ganskopp had worked in Australia and thought Kangaroo would be a great name for an electric walking cart. His daughter Katharine’s nickname was “Katty” so the firm’s new product incorporated both names. Today the company that manufactures the world’s finest electric walking cart is Kangaroo Products Company, an independently-owned firm in Columbus, North Carolina, USA. Their web site is to learn more and to place an order for a Kangaroo motorcaddie with a 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

Why Golfers Like to Use Walking Golf Carts

You avoid pushing, pulling, or carrying your golf bag which can weigh thirty pounds or even more. You concentrate on your game. You don’t have to be distracted by sharing a golf riding car with another player. And you go straight to your own ball, even in wet weather when golf cars are restricted to cart paths.

Kangaroo Brand is Top of the Line

Today it is generally recognized that Kangaroo Motorcaddies for Walking Golfers are the electric walking carts of highest prestige and greatest long-term value. Its Model 5 and Hillcrest model both come with five-year warranties. The warranties are described at and, for people who acquire used Kangaroos that have outlasted the warranty period, it continues to have highest resale values of any electric walking golf cart brand. Parts and service are readily available at the company’s factory near Interstate 26 in Western North Carolina.
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